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At Twin Fin Poke we have a Passion for Seafood


Norwegian Cold Water Salmon Sustainably raised without Antibiotics & never frozen. 

Our Salmon is Airfreighted to Twin Fin Poke twice a week.

AAA Center Cut Ahi Loin cut in-house everyday 

 Rotisserie Chicken raised without Antibiotics or  Growth Hormones

What is POKE?

Poke: a salad of cubed sashimi grade fish served over rice or greens and topped with a variety of sauces and toppings


White Rice - Sticky white rice is milled to remove its hush, bran, and germ, which leaves it with a soft sweet flavor.

Brown Rice - Brown rice has a coarser, whole wheat, earthy taste to it.

Mixed Greens



Octopus - Octopus is a soft and delicate meat that can chew easily. It has a tender texture like a chicken or lobster. Even though octopus meat is usually mistaken as calamari which is a squid, squid meats are hard, chewy and tough to eat.

Salmon - Salmon has a subtle and refreshing taste, full flavor of fish, pink flesh, contains a high level of omega- 3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D. With its gorgeous peachy orange to deep-red flesh, it’s prized for its rich and flavorful taste.

Scallops - Scallops have a similar taste to crab or lobster, but have a firmer texture. The flavor tends to be sweet, buttery, and delicate.

Shrimp - The fleshy bodies and heads of shrimps and prawns are sweet with the smell of the sea. Most often prepared with salt and spices to enhance the taste.

Spicy Tuna -  Spicy tuna tastes mild and fresh in flavor with a slightly spicy kick and has a soft, melt in your mouth texture

Tuna - Deep red in color with a sweet, mild flavor and a dense, firm texture


Chicken - Due to its low-fat content, chicken is a healthy, more traditional protein choice for any meal. Unique spices make this a great add.


Tofu - Tofu is very similar to cheese - but has a vegetarian, rather than milk base, giving it a texture like cottage cheese, but with a very mild taste. This makes tofu a perfect, high-protein add to any meal. Tofu is able to gather in the rich flavors of the spices and sauces prepared with it, to make it a perfect compliment to any meal.


Avocado - Avacado brings a rich and mellow flavor with a thick, buttery texture to your meal.

Cilantro - Cilantro adds a fresh and citrus-like taste.

Crab - White crab is very low in fat and particularly high in protein, it has a delicate, sweet flavour, a sweet aroma and a naturally flaky texture.

Crispy Garlic - Crispy garlic adds a crispy, nutty flavor that is well worth it

Cucumber - Cucumber brings a crisp, slightly sweet and salty taste to your food. With just a hint of a bitter, grassy nip as a follow up. 

Edamame - Edamame is faintly reminiscent of peas and is buttery with a hint of sweetness and nuttiness. The texture is firmer than a pea, however—soft, but with a bite.

Furikake - Furikake is the salt and pepper of Japan. This crunchy, salty, nutty, earthy, briny topping that tastes slightly of seafood is a great all-purpose seasoning.

Green Onion - Green onions, or scallions, have a sweeter, milder flavor than mature onions and are a bit stronger than chives. 

Jalapeño - Jalapeños offer sharp, natural flavor with a slight level of heat.

Kimchi - Kimchi adds a nice sour and spicy flavor.

Mango - Mangoes are sweet in flavor and very juicy. Mangoes can have a tart, lemon-like taste.

Masago - Masago has a semi-crunchy texture and salty flavor. Masago will add a hint of ginger or wasabi to your meal.

Pickled Ginger - Pickled ginger is tart, floral, yet sweet flavor that is most often used as a palate cleanser between different tastes. 

Pickled Carrots - Pickled carrots have a salty, sour, and sweet taste.

Seaweed Salad - Seaweed salad tends to be balanced with sweet, tangy, roasty, and toasty flavors. 

Seaweed Strips - Seaweed strips add a dark greenish-brown that adds a taste of the ocean and brings out the true flavor of other foods.

Sesame Seeds - Sesame seeds are crunchy and have a subtle nutty taste.

Sweet Onion - Sweet onions lack the sharp, astringent taste of other onions and offer a nice, sweet taste.

Wonton Crisps - Add wonton crisps to your meal if you want to a delicious crunchy


Twin Fin House - A Traditional Hawaiian Poke Sauce: Tameri/Sesame Oil/Japanese Dressing/Chili Paste

Spicy Poke - The Name Says It All: Soy Sauce/Sesame Oil/Chili Paste/Garlic/Mirin

Gochujang  - Just Like It Sounds: Soy Sauce/Sesame Oil/Rice Vinegar/Honey/Gochujang

Yuzu Ponzu - A Delicious, Slightly Citrus Flavored Sauce: Soy Sauce/Ponzu/Mirin/Lime/Seaweed/Bonito

Teriyaki - Sweet Sauce with a Bit of Zip: Soy Sauce/Mirin/Sugar/Garlic/Ginger

Eel Sauce - Another Sweet Sauce with Slightly Less Zip: Soy Sauce/Mirin/Sugar

Sriracha Aioli GF - The Classic Sushi Bar Sauce: Mayonnaise/Tameri/Lime/Chili Paste/Garlic